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Smooth-Running, Long-Lasting Penn Yan Aero
Overhauled Lycoming & Continental Aircraft Engines

The Power of Experience

Over 70 Years of Helping Pilots, Aircraft Owners, FBOs, & Fleet Operators

Pilots & Passengers
Penn Yan Aero Engines Create Less Vibration
Less Vibration Results in
Less Stress & Fatigue on Pilots & Passengers

Vibration Impacts More Than People

Lower Operational Costs

Vibration Eats Airframes & Expensive
Components Like Instrumentation, Navigation, & Radios


Lower Vibration, Lower Operational Costs, Happier Aircraft Owners

Penn Yan Aero Overhauled Engine Warranty

The Best Warranty in the Business

100% Parts & Labor for 3 Years or to Lycoming’s or Continental’s Maximum Time
Between Overhaul (TBO), Whichever Occurs First, Supported Worldwide & Transferable

Free Logistics & Shipping

Penn Yan Aero will arrange and manage free
Round-Trip Shipping on Penn Yan Aero Overhauled
Engines within the contiguous United States.

Terms apply: See Shipping Policy for details.

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Penn Yan Aero Overhauled
Cylinders for Lycoming & Continental Engines

Penn Yan Aero pioneered the overhauled cylinder process in the 1960s and has since supplied the aviation industry with thousands of top-quality cylinders.

Core cylinders are disassembled, bare-metal cleaned, and evaluated for suitability for re-use. Selected cylinders are overhauled to Penn Yan Aero’s stringent standards and include new pistons, piston rings, exhaust valves, exhaust and intake guides, keepers, rocker shaft. rocker shaft bushings, and gaskets.

Finished cylinders are fully assembled, tested to ensure Penn Yan Aero’s quality standards, and backed by Penn Yan Aero’s industry-leading warranty.

Many aviation professionals prefer Penn Yan Aero overhauled cylinders to new. They are really that good.

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