Penn Yan Aero STCs

Penn Yan Aero Overhauled Lycoming O-360-A4M

Improve Performance at Time of Overhaul

Penn Yan Aero recommends these time tested, FAA Approved STCs. And, the best time to add one of these STCs is at overhaul time. They’re an excellent way to improve your aircraft, add to its value, and increase your flying pleasure.


For Piper Cherokee Models PA-28-140 & PA-28-151 or Cessna 172 Models I, J, K, L, & M

Add the RAM 160 STC to your Penn Yan Aero overhaul and enjoy the benefits of 160 horsepower. This is the least expensive horsepower increase available. Click Here To Select Your RAM 160 Aircraft Application and Get a Quote


For Cessna 172 Model N

Increase the safety and value of your Cessna 172N by installing a O-320-D2J or O-320-D2G engine in place of the O-320-H2AD. You’ll enjoy an increase in gross weight capacity of 100 pounds and the added safety of two separate magnetos. Click Here To Select Your DeltaHawk Aircraft Application and Get a Quote


Increase your flying pleasure and the value of your 1968 - 1986 Cessna 172 Models I, K, L, M, N, and P with 180 Horsepower.

With full fuel and two adults, the standard 172 doesn't carry much, maybe a couple of light overnight bags and that's it. The limited performance can be a concern when taking off from a short strip with a full load on a hot summer day. Before you sell your 172, consider upgrading it to 180 horsepower with our SuperHawk STC. Click Here To Select Your SuperHawk Aircraft Application and Get a Quote

Test results from the Penn Yan Aero Cessna 172 test plane showed an increased cruise speed to 151 mph; a decreased takeoff distance to 400 feet (700 feet with a gross weight of 2,400 lbs.); an increased rate of climb to 1,020 feet with gross weight at 2,400 lbs.; a ceiling of 19,500 feet; and a gross weight capacity increase up to 2,550 lbs.

The SuperHawk STC allows for the conversion (via Penn Yan Aero overhaul) or replacement (with a Lycoming factory new engine) of your 150 or 160 horsepower O-320-E2D, O-320-D2J, or O-320-H2AD engine with a 180 horsepower O-360-A4M engine. The STC includes a new Sensenich propeller, STC paperwork, and all of the hardware needed to complete the conversion which will add about 25 hours to the normal removal and installation time.

Penn Yan Aero has provided thousands of the SuperHawk conversions to happy, satisfied customers worldwide since its inception in 1983.

There are three ways to get the SuperHawk engine in your 172.

Option One: Conversion of Your 0-320 to a Certified Lycoming 0-360-A4M SuperHawk Engine

Penn Yan Aero will overhaul and convert your O-320 engine to an FAA Approved 180 horsepower O-360-A4M engine. The overhaul and conversion includes:

  • Dynamically balanced crankshaft
  • Matched set of four new Lycoming pistons, rings, wrist pins, and connecting rods
  • New Lycoming cylinders
  • New camshaft and lifters
  • New bearings - crankshaft and connecting rod bearings
  • New Lycoming cylinders
  • New seals, gaskets, engine mount rubbers
  • New oil cooler fittings, scat hose kit, alternator belt, vacuum hose & baffle seal material
  • New fuel and oil hoses, seals, bushings, and gaskets
  • New New ignition harness and eight new spark plugs
  • Two New Magnetos
  • New or rebuilt oil pump
  • New air filter and oil filter
  • Certified carburetor, set-up and fully tested
  • New air box throat assembly
  • New High Flow Air Filter
  • New Exhaust Stack Modification Parts
  • New miscellaneous nuts, bolts, washers, bushings, and springs, as required
  • Provision for recalibrated airspeed indicator and cowl door modification as needed
  • Installation manual, parts, and STC Paperwork Package with Gross Weight Increase and all FAA Approved Drawings, Instructions, Flight Manual Revisions, to complete to FAA specifications

Option One includes Penn Yan Aero's warranty: Three years, 100% parts and labor or to Lycoming’s maximum recommended time between overhaul (TBO), whichever comes first; supported worldwide and transferable from one owner to another.

Free round-trip shipping from and to any address in the contiguous United States as per Penn Yan Aero’s Shipping Policy.

Option Two: New Lycoming SuperHawk 180 Horsepower Engine

Exchange your 0-320 Lycoming engine for a Lycoming factory new, zero-time Lycoming 0-360-A4M SuperHawk specification engine with a zero time logbook. This option requires up to a 120 day lead time and includes the SuperHawk STC Kit (everything needed including propeller) and Lycoming’s engine warranty. Shipping is not included with this option.

Option Three: SuperHawk Kit

The SuperHawk Kit - Everything listed in Option One except an engine: Kit, STC, Instructions, Hardware, Sensenich Land Propeller. Shipping is not included with this Option.

SuperHawk Seaplane Option

The SuperHawk kit is optionally approved and available for seaplane applications.